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Attack on Ribcages

Well, I did one of the things I meant to do today. Which is finish cleaning the kitchen. That's a win. Back to wasting my life.

I want to ask. Eren so far isn't a titan, per se. He still has his human body residing within the titan. But this is all very logical, and the human response makes sense, so I'll let it go.

tl;dr: Eren is human, but no one gives a fuck.

Also, I do not want Attack on Titan Nendoroids.

A trainee is pretty much assaulting Marco with the request to die. He realized his job is to fight titans until he is eaten. He says he watched his friends get devoured, and he didn't feel sad or angry, just glad it wasn't him, but it will be him soon. Marco tries to calm him down and tell him to look at Sasha for an example, but Sasha starts screaming. She's hungry, not upset, but of course the man doesn't know this.

Jean watches on and realizes the gag order was necessary. If they knew about Eren, they would react even worse. It's a strange moment for Jean, where he actually acts strong and above the others, but I think this is only his ability to assess a situation once again, not necessarily strength as AoT wants to define it.

The projectile sound reaches the trainees, and Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt immediately leap into action. They know exactly what's going on. Jean moves to follow them as they try to scale the wall back into Trost.

The four reach a rooftop where they see the titan muscle and skeleton of the upper half of one of them. Armin is terrified, frozen inside the ribcage, but Mikasa has moved free. Reiner asks "What is going on?" as if he doesn't actually know. The captain of the garrison is pretty much losing his shit. He says it's too scary to get close, and they should ready another projectile shot.

Because that would do dick even if Eren were a threat.

Eren gains awareness of his human body and starts to spaz, ripping himself free of the titan's neck. He watches on and wonders what happened.

Armin asks Mikasa several questions about the events, and Mikasa says all they need to know is that Eren protected them. Armin notices that some purple flowers survived inside the titan as well. Here, I think purple signified good judgment and peace.

Eren appears and tells them they need to move away, as the titan corpse is disintegrating. He doesn't know what the garrison will do next, but he tells them he remembers his father and the key. He thinks that, if he goes to the basement, he will learn what a titan is.

This seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but his dad did say "everything." Maybe he will also learn the recipe for the perfect blueberry muffins.

Eren gets angry that his father would hide such important information while survey corps members died. Mikasa tells him they have more important things to worry about, that particular moment. He agrees.

The garrison watches on as the body disintegrates, afraid to move forward.

Eren tells the other two he cannot stay there. He thinks they will not harm Armin or Mikasa if they stop trying to protect him, so he will go alone to Wall Maria and look for the basement in his titan form. When he thinks about transforming, though, his nose bleeds, and he looks like he is too tired. He says how he feels does not matter, and Mikasa argues she wants to go with him. As they bitch at each other about it, the gears turn in Armin's head.

The commercial bookend informs us that a special yeast made within Wall Sina keeps food from spoiling in storerooms and tents.

Well, this is why it's okay to not have refrigerators, I guess.

Apparently, they are using this to construct long-standing supply lanes within Wall Maria to attempt to retake it.

A garrison soldier informs the captain that the second projectile is almost loaded. She wants to know if they should attack immediately.

Armin remembers Mikasa and Eren saving him from bullies over and over. He remembers not keeping up in the training drills. He thinks his friends always protected him, but this is the end, and he was never able to return the favor.

Eren interrupts Armin's pity party by telling him that he has a second option. He thinks it would make more sense to stay with the army and use his abilities strategically, but he doesn't think anyone but Armin can convince the garrison he is not a threat. So he will leave it up to Armin to decide whether he can. If he doesn't think he can use his powers of persuasion effectively, Eren will leave as he described.

Armin realizes that his friends have never considered him a burden when Eren explains that he and Mikasa believe that Armin saved them five years ago by calling Hannes to get them. Eren says he always knows what to do when things get bad. Armin thinks that nothing could be more convincing than the two people he trusts giving him power over their lives, and he stands abruptly, resolving to persuade the garrison.

Cheers. Or something.

He drops all his gear and runs into the open.

The captain, who had been hesitating to fire another shot before, suddenly has confidence to give the order when faced with an unarmed Armin. Because big man can only pick on small fry. It's very human. Armin insists Eren is not an enemy of humanity, and they are prepared to share all information they have.

The captain asks for proof, and Armin says no proof is necessary. Everyone saw Eren fighting the titans, and more importantly, they saw the titans swarm him and try to eat him, meaning they consider him the same as a human: food. Most of the soldiers appear persuaded, but the captain insists that titans are beyond their comprehension (god), and they must eliminate them. Armin realizes he is not even trying to think (religion), and he tries for one last, desperate attempt. He makes a perfect salute and insists that he will put his life on the line to fight for the strategic value of Eren's titan powers, as it will help humanity to glory.

A member of the garrison asks the captain to consider this, but he raises his hand to fire the next projectile.

Our friend Commander Pixis--good writing keeps us aware of who he is and the type of man--grabs the captain's arm and tells him he's always been delicate. He insists Armin's salute is splendid, and he would like to hear what his group has to say.

The narrator informs the viewers that, long ago, the southern region was considered the area the titans were most likely to attack. Once they breached Maria, they insisted that Trost was the next target. Thus, the South is the most important region, and Commander Pixis, who is responsible for the entire southern region, is the most important man in the military. Pixis looks down and sees male titans and says he would not mind being eaten by a beautiful titan woman. The narrator informs us he is an eccentric.

At this point, it would be more bizarre if he weren't.

The captain and his men wonder what Commander Pixis is thinking having Eren and his friends up on the wall unguarded. They look tired and weary, but there is still more fighting.

Commander Pixis says he can't promise anything about getting them to the basement, but he's curious about what Armin said about Eren's abilities allowing them to reclaim Trost. Armin says he believes, with Eren's strength, he could block up the hole in the gate with a conveniently placed giant rock that just happens to be laying around in the city.


Aside from the fact that this is extremely convenient, Armin also says that he said that because he wanted to survive. Pixis says he will trust this judgment for that reason. He addresses Eren and asks him if he can fix the wall. Eren says he doesn't know, and Pixis rephrases the question. "Will you, or won't you?"

Eren resolves, of course, that he will. If he didn't, he would be a completely different character, I suppose.

If I picked one character as the devil, it would definitely be Pixis.
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