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Attack on...The Devil?


Well, we know hands are important. WHERE DID IT GO BITCH. Yeah, I shouldn't do two in a row, but I am anyway.

Standard opening with description of human extinction and the walls. Kay.

The narrator reminds us that the morning before the attack on Trost, the main forces of the survey corps left on a recon mission. We meet a new character in the main force, but aren't given her name yet. She talks to Levi about how excited she is to see more titans. She hopes they meet an aberrant. He tells her that they have one right there, and she looks around. He looks her in the eye and says "right here."

As we watch them leave again, the narrator says that the military genius of a few members has increased their survival rate, but they still lose over 30% of their forces with each excursion.

The next scene, the main forces are within the human outpost. A man is being chewed in half by one of the titans, and he insists it won't be long until humans wipe them out. Captain Levi will kill them all. The man himself arrives and kills the titan, but he doesn't waste a second on the barely living man as he assesses the rest of the titans.

The new character tells a titan she won't hurt it as it swipes for her, but she leaps up and kills it, insisting that that didn't hurt.

Levi tells all the titans they have stupid expressions--not that they care--and is upset that his blades get filthy after he kills them.

Levi appears as Mikasa would be if she didn't have a person to care about. His general ruthlessness and apathy make them similar.

The man from the beginning of the previous scene is dying. He asks Levi if he helped humanity, and Levi says he has been a great help and will continue to be. His resolve will carry him forward, and he will obliterate the titans. The girl tells him the man has died, but he seems at peace, as if he heard him to the very end.

Levi has Eren's mentality as his show piece.

The commander appears and tells them they're pulling back as the titans are heading north, and the wall may have fallen.

The scene in which Eren is swallowed repeats. This time, the camera follows Eren into the titan's stomach. There are at least twenty whole corpses. Eren is shocked. He insists he trained so hard so the titans wouldn't take anything else from him. A barely living girl keeps saying "It's so hot; save me, Mother." Eren remembers his own mother and screams that he will kill all the titans himself as the red liquid begins to swallow him. Currently powerless, he holds up his stump arm.

Outside the titan, a giant arm rises through its gullet, and its back bursts open as titan!Eren emerges with glowing green eyes and both limbs. He begins to mindlessly slaughter titans, saying "more, more, I will kill more."

This scene transitions into the present. Armin is supporting Eren in an upright position while he is in a trance with a vicious look on his face. "I will kill them all," he says before returning to awareness. Mikasa asks him if he can understand what she's saying, and Armin insists Eren should tell "them" everything he knows. Both look scared. They're surrounded by members of the military pointing titan-killing blades in their direction. It appears Eren remembers nothing as the military concludes that his last sentence was about them.

The commercial bookend informs us that the objectives of the survey corps have changed after the fall of Wall Maria. They now are attempting to recapture Wall Maria.

Connie relays events to Christa and the still unnamed Ymir. They finally understand what happened with the gas. Ymir asks if even Mikasa died, and Connie says that he thought she returned with Jean's group. He calls over to Jean to ask if Mikasa was injured, but Jean says nothing.

We get still drawings of the group dragging Eren back and getting surrounded by the military. Jean says they've been ordered to keep it a secret, but before long, all humanity will know.

Assuming humanity lasts that long.

On the wall, Hannes and his garrison buds watch as the titans make a throng along the outside. He talks about a wall made of titan flesh, and we assume he's talking about the ones we can see. One of his garrison buds says he's worried about his friends in the vanguard, and he asks if the kids who Hannes escaped with five years ago are also there. When Hannes says yes, he apologizes, but Hannes tells him the he knows they're alive because each possesses a strength. One is skilled in combat, one has resolve, and the third has a brilliant mind. So they're safe.

Or, you know, surrounded by their own comrades, facing death at supposedly friendly hands. Whatever works.

The man in charge of the garrison says that if he answers incorrectly, he will kill Eren with an HE Projectile. So he asks him what he is. Is he human or titan? Eren responds that he does not understand the question. The man says he does not have time or resources to waste on Eren while humanity is on the brink of annihilation, so he will only ask him one more time. Mikasa threatens them, saying her specialty is tearing through flesh. Armin is alarmed. If she kills other humans, they will not survive, but she says she will not let anyone kill Eren. One of the men informs the garrison leader that Mikasa is worth one hundred soldiers. Finally, the garrison leader repeats the question.

Eren remembers the events leading up to his transformation and realizes that, at the very least, if that were not a dream, his arm grew back. That would make him like a titan. But he has always been just like everyone else, so he answers that he is a human.

For a moment, everything is still. The camera pans out, and the square filled with soldiers looks practically deserted. Then the garrison leader says "I see, but don't hate me for this. No one can prove he is not the devil."

Mikasa realizes he is about to signal to the canon and grabs Eren. Eren sees his key flash briefly in the light and remembers his father's promise to explain everything. He has another memory of his father crying and holding a syringe. He gives Eren the key and tells him the injection will impair his memory, so he cannot explain everything. But Eren must take back Wall Maria and go to the basement. He must remember that part. Then he says "Their memories will tell you how to use this power." He must master it if he wants to save Armin, and Mikasa, and everyone else.

Back in the present, as a projectile heads toward Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, Eren gathers them to him and bites his hand. The muscle and skeleton of the upper half of a titan materialize in his place as he swats the projectile aside, and Armin and Mikasa are protected by the ribcage. Everyone is terrified, and the shot is heard over by Hannes.

There are a couple interesting things. We see that Mikasa's prowess as a soldier (they give Eren a second chance to answer, at least) and Eren's resolve both protect the group in that scene. Armin will get his turn next episode, so Hannes' line was very pointed.

In addition, the line "no one can prove he is not the devil" seems double-edged. The garrison captain is also talking about himself. It's a reflection of a take on humanity. We haven't yet gotten the question of whether humans are worth saving. They just fight to survive instinctively, but here the garrison captain says why. The selfish survival instinct makes them act no better than the devil, and that renders the question mute.
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